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14:05 acid android
M-1. new song 1
M-2. new song 2
M-3. new song 3

Acid android opened Jack in the Box with three new songs. They played their whole set (or most of it? not sure anymore) behind a half see-through black curtain. Yukihiro was wearing a huge hat and a long black coat, so especially from half behind where I was standing I couldn't see any of him haha. They were a good opener, although I think the crowd was surprised to have them open and so most people weren't really into it right away...

14:34 ゾロ

M-2. パノラマHOP
M-3. COSMO「S」フューチャー

ゾロ. Don't care. Although for shit and giggles I was totally waiting for that panty flash to happen, et voilà, at the end we got it. Hallelujah.

15:08 シド

M-1. 嘘
M-2. 怪盗ネオン
M-3. one way

シド was amazing, but didn't expect anything else. The setlist was really nice, they played very well, got the crowd enthusiastic (although not rocking out, it's still シド) and the atmosphere was great overall. Although aki should dump the boots.

15:40 Session A
Key:小池敦(シド サポートミュージシャン)

M-1. Ti Amo
M-2. 抱きしめたい

Hilarious session! First song, Ti Amo, is a song by Exile, so yes, everyone was singing and they did some bits of the dancing, it was pretty lolzworthy. The second song was 抱きしめたい by Mr.Children. Nicer than the original imho but I don't like Mr.Children and I'm probably very biased haha. Anyway, yes, during this JitB they were covering outside of Danger Crue!

16:12 ムック

M-1. 咆哮
M-2. ファズ
M-3. オズ
M-4. ジオラマ

Honestly said MUCC was the first band that rocked out the Budokan. It was the first louder band (acid android is loud but different loud, see what I mean?) and especially when they started Fuzz the Budokan was shaking. I'm also not sure what Tatsurou had been taking but he was hyper (more so than normal??)

16:46 Session B

M-1. Drum Improvisation

When they moved the 3 drumsets on stage, someone (can't remember who) commented the middle one was for Ken, and [ profile] nanani commented these drumsets were gonna create an earthquake. (Sadly) neither of this happened, however, the middle drumset was taken by our favourite drummer Yukihiro so none of us complained! The drum improvisation was very impressive and just left me speechless afterwards. Cool stuff.

17:09 Creature Creature

M-1. Black Hole
M-3. パラダイス
M-4. RED

Don't hate them, but did choose them for my second toilet break. They sounded good, but there wasn't much atmosphere. Mostly thanks to the fact half of the people were sitting and some people around me were sleeping. Eh. Also Sakura was drumming for them, but I didn't notice until looking at the official website... Wouldn't be the first time during this event either haha D:

17:40 Session C

M-1. Welcome to the Jungle
M-2. Real Face

Very very happy to see Kyo on stage (even though no one else shares this love with me, bawww). The rest of the line-up is pretty cool too, although once again I completely didn't notice Sakura was doing the drums (couldn't see the screen announcing the bands and sessions), woops sorry Sakura. Anyway, this set was pretty funny too, starting with Welcome to the Jungle which was fuuun (and I liked Kyo singing it, personally. Suits him). Second song was Real Face by Kat-tun. Needs to be said... I know absolutely nothing about Kat-tun so I didn't even know it was a Kat-tun song until someone next to me mentioned it. Then I lol'd. Way to turn Kat-tun into pretty decent rock XD

18:04 カラス

M-2. アンバランスなkissをして

First time I heard them, and I loved it. I hope they will continue activities!

18:24 Session D

M-1. Les Enfants Terribles
M-2. バードメン

I... don't remember much of the first song, except that it was awesome and had an hyperactive Tatsurou. Second song was by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, which was very very suitable for this session band. Imagine Tatsurou singing that, aaaawesome.

18:47 ギルガメッシュ

M-1. bit crash
M-3. evolution
M-4. arrow

Girugämesh was girugämesh, loved them. Got everyone rocking, although I didn't really like their setlist as much this time.


M-1. New song
M-2. Roulette
M-4. lonely girl
M-5. 15 1/2

Before Tetsu came on stage, all the fans of course already knew he was going to appear and thus the Budokan coloured pink with Tetsu's light...thingies. The Leader rocks. The atmosphere during this set was absolutely amaaaazing too. Also, I love Tetsu, please know this. But no matter how hard I try... his 'new songs' just don't do it for me. I absolutely loved TIGHTROPE~SCARECROW and 15 1/2 though. Beautiful beautiful.

19:54 Shinji

M-1. 僕とロンゲとカツアゲ

I cannot even begin to describe this. You just cannot NOT love this man. He entered the stage all dramatically (and funny by going the wrong way, obviously). I'm sure the main point was what was written on his shirt but I couldn't read it from where I was standing... Anyway, basically (from what I understood at least), he was doing a 'song' about why he was standing on stage that day with bleached hair ... yes. It was long, and really quite nice, and really very funny. Then in the end he copied this commercial for some medicine. I tried finding it on Youtube for you guys, but no luck. Sorry.

20:14 Session E
Guitar:白田一秀(ex PRESENCE/Ken BAND)
Drum:真矢(LUNA SEA)

M-1. Can't stop believing
M-2. 蜃気楼(song by PRESENCE)

One surprise of the evening: the drummer was Luna Sea's Shinya. Anyway, so this session started out with the Tetsu song. Quite a strange experience, hearing it being sung by Mao (while Tetsu is playing the bass), but he did a pretty good job. After JitB I think I believe Mao sounds good no matter what he sings. The second song, 蜃気楼, was a dedication to L'Arc~en~Ciel's roadie "Comet-san" who passed away not too long ago... It was really beautiful.

20:51 Ken

M-1. Viva La Vida
M-2. Speed
M-3. Deeper
M-4. Spin Along

For me this was definitely one of the best performances of the day. Ken's singing surprised me as I had heard mixed reports before, but it was really good. The setlist was okay (but would have liked to hear "S" obviously haha) but Ken's enthusiasm, the show, the way he got the crowd going, it was all pretty amazing. Although the dancer/bg vocalist Tomo completely cracked me up, especially when she took out the whip, but alas :')



This started out with a LOT of microphones on stage (obviously), leaving all of us in extreme anticipation ("OMG ALL STARS? NO HYDE? NO NO MUST BE A SESSION. VERY BIG SESSION. OMG"). Then the screens showed some Danger Crue history (with all of the Budokan screaming when L'Arc~en~Ciel was being mentioned... no no, no way most of the audience were L'Arc fans, I don't know what you're talking about!) while some wrinkly dudes come on stage, oh hai it's 44MAGNUM. Luckily not much later, before they start performing, they are joined by the rest of Danger Crue (including Hyde, who had not performed the rest of the day) and chaos ensues. Cannot describe, but you truly don't know where to look. Also, good for Sakura, the first time that day that I noticed he was there (sorry man...). Anyway, and thus Jack in the Box ends with epic win.

The end

Date: 2010-01-02 03:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Was definitely tons of fun, and I had been looking forward to this event for years so I loved it :)
Yes,it's ilke... He always sings his own style but he manages to do very different kind of songs and it still sounds great :)

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